This is a very interesting house located in California. It’s a little piece of paradise surrounded by amazing nature and it’s called the Tropical House. It’s a modern house designed by Lopez Duplan Arquitectos and it’s one of the most interesting and sustainable homes in the area. You can find it in Pacific Palisades, in Los Angeles, California.

The house has a very interesting design. It’s a little unconventional but the main idea behind the project was also the fact that the client requested a house that would promote a dialogue between nature and people and that would also contain a series of contained courtyards and would include small reflecting pools. The water feature is a way of introducing color and natural light into the house and it’s also a means of beautifying the exterior of the building.

Diy Water Feature – Tropical House In California Photo 2

The Tropical House is a two-storey building with a beautiful interior located on the first floor. The first floor is an open area with sliding glass doors that connect the entrance hall to the courtyard and the living room. The ground floor includes the kitchen, dining area and a cozy living room with a heated floor. The lounge area is also enclosed by sliding doors. There’s also a covered patio A pair of water features are located on the second floor and serve as sunscreens for the sitting area.

Diy Water Feature – Tropical House In California Photo 3