A relaxing bath is always an enjoyable activity. And when you have a beautiful bathtub you are fully ready to let it sink in and enjoy it. The bathtub offers you a perfect place to start such a romantic and creative activity. The bathtub is the perfect place where relaxation meets fun. Here are a few ideas for designs that you may want to include in your bathroom design.

Designers thought of all kinds of ideas and created different types of bathtubs. The Hug Sofa for example is perfect for the bath, because is fairly spacious and also has pretty much everything you might want. But what really makes it special is the fact that it has storage throughout, and that is not only for decorative, but also to store things like the real medicines you need next to your bed.

I know that this type of bathtub is not suitable for everybody, but for the most daring people who really want to be different and have fun. With a little of imagination and a creative soul, they may come up with something original and spectacular like this one.