beige is a neutral that’s not specific to any single area of the world but which can be found everywhere all over the globe. It’s a color that can be used to transmit many different emotions and to generate a variety of different sentiments. Some people like it and feel that it makes them feel peaceful while others are drawn to strong colors such as blue or green. To better understand the feelings expressed by this color we have selected a few examples.

The bedroom is always a cozy and serene space and this beautiful beige wall with small green squares is the perfect element to start with. It’s the passive reflection of the owner’s inner being.

You can also create a calm and relaxing ambiance by using the colors included in the beige decor. For example, this is a soft beige that makes the bed seem bigger and it’s just what a missing piece of furniture should be.

Beige Room Decor For Urban Spaces Photo 3

A similarly chic beige room is featured here, with white walls and a light-colored ceiling that almost looks like a neutral. The pattern on the rug is eye-catching and so is everything else around it, including the decorative pillows, lamps, shelves and cabinet doors.

Beige Room Decor For Urban Spaces Photo 4

This beige hallway is practically black and its sleek console table and large mirror create an artistic and great decor. The combination of beige and gold is also featured in the dark blue wardrobe and bedding.

This bedroom is very soothing and bright, with a color palette based mostly on shades of grey with beige as a secondary accent color. The wooden floor is a great lengther and it slowly transforms into the beautiful beige walls.

This is a traditional bedroom and the combination is not necessarily very bold or dramatic but it is very beautiful and very well-balanced. This type of décor is difficult to adapt to other styles as it’s not that easy to achieve the right atmosphere in the bedroom.

This is another very warm and cozy bedroom but in this case the star is the beige color. It’s a warm shade of brown with beige walls and a white ceiling. An old, vintage-like sofa is placed by the bed, a traditional fireplace complemented by a few other stylish accessories.

The atmosphere in this bedroom is very soothing and relaxing. A white ceiling and a small wooden desk with a couple of gray accent pieces and a chic black chair are complemented by a beige rug with a subtle pattern and a few chic accessories.

This is also a bedroom but it’s slightly different from the ones presented so far. The room is rather simple. It has a white ceiling with exposed wooden beams and a few stylish architectural details. The bed is the centerpiece, featuring a black, furry rug that covers one third of the walls and matching bedside lamps. The rest of the furniture is beige and matched.

This is a traditional bedroom and it features a very beautiful color palette with warm tones of brown and gold. The rug is a modern touch and the wall painting makes the room feel complete. The rest of the furniture is also white, with dark brown wooden floors and a matching bedframe.

This is a four-bedroom guest bedroom. It’s small and cozy and it’s also inviting. The whole décor is usually neutral. On the ceiling there’s an arched light fixture with beige drapes, a modern vase and an abstract painting. In the bedroom there’s a bed with brown, patterned pillows and with a modern and simple headboard with hand-printed pillow caps.

We have one more traditional bedroom to show you. It’s a more intimate room, with a slightly traditional décor. It has high ceilings, exposed beams and automatic turning fans. It’s a room with a warm, neutral color palette with beige walls and brown, patterned curtains.