I know that in the living room it’s still more of a formal activity, but in the bedroom it might become something entirely different that is very uninviting. One of the most difficult things I have to think about when I have to get out of the bed every morning and then go to the living is a coffee table. Modern furniture solves this problem by being very simple and hides a secret storage space for the books or other sensitive things you might want to. And bookshelves, especially in the living room are a very good choice for a modern house or apartment.

The Loft in Old St. Pauls by Berry & Co. Architecture has the perfect solution for you. It is a magnificent loft that has a wonderful interior design that will show you the perfect balance between vintage and modern style.The loft has everything you might imagine yourself in a living room. There you can find a sofa, chairs, coffee table, library, work station and even a TV. So, if you are an avid reader or lover of books, then this is the perfect place for you.

The loft is perfect because it is very spacious. So, the large windows will open and offer you the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The furniture here is of simple design, leather furniture of natural color and materials. The furniture is modern and comes in a beautiful tone of brown that will make you like the wood and which dominates all the places.

Ideas For Bookshelf And Other Modular Furniture Photo 3

The loft apartment is a perfect example of a companion for a relaxing place that you can spend the most time in your days. There you can enjoy a hot coffee in the afternoon, or a glass of Champagne near the pool area.