This beautiful house is located in Austin, Texas, USA. Built on a small site and surrounded by trees , it has a spectacular view over Lake Austin. It is a luxury 16,700 square foot home that features four bedrooms and four bathrooms, three fireplaces, a garage and everything else you need in a luxurious home. It also has an elevator, shares his / her fireplaces via elevator, a monadelapacayor patio and has a large infinity pool facing south.The house can be bought for $5,299,000 .

The outdoor area is very attractive, including a 3,000 square foot covered patio.The house is located in under check, as it is a one-story building, so there is not a lot of grass, and the trees are pretty much covering everything. Because it is a very well insulated building and it is also green, the house is a very natural place, surrounded by trees and vegetation.

This amazing home also has a 300 gallon green water tank and it opens up to the outdoors, just like a pavilion. This means that you can enjoy the beautiful view around you, because the walls are made of wood and there are also some glass walls that allow you to admire the landscape.

Finally, another thing: the electric, water and wastewater without chemicals is included in the house cost, because it helps reduce the energy consumption.