If you’re living in Sweden have no doubt that Swedish living rooms are one of the most versatile and comfortable places to have the time. As a result, Swedish living rooms have a certain rustic, snug feeling that’s mixed a little with the modern. We find them best when those living in a home features the use of comfortable furnishings – a beautiful way to keep the living room from feeling too cluttered. In other words, Swedish living rooms have the refined, plush look that’s and to maintain a sense of homey affect. Ready for a little swoon? Let’s take a look at some Swedish living rooms to gain some inspiration.

First of all, a historical background makes the Swedish living room comfortable and chic. The light, the wooden floors and the classic Italian furniture give it that touch of country-man style necessary to make for a lovely living room.

A Swedish living room can also easily transform into a guest room if need be. A large part of all the spacial configurations tend to follow a minimal layout. For the living room, a standard sofa is the best choice but you should also consider other options that are more up-to-date. You can gather Ikea chairs, easy to move and easy to store, in matching colors.

Depending on the room and its function, you might also find yourself looking at a sofa with a drop-leaf look. In any case, if you have a small living room you should consider having at least one sofa, or two, in which case you should consider going with neutrals and stepping stones-like structures to separate the relaxation area from the rest of the room.

Some Swedish living rooms don’t even have a fireplace. In these cases, you should look for ways to create a defensive wall, or even a cover with a vertical wood structure. Also, for walls with high ceilings or exposed beams, consider installing low level plywood panels.

Most living rooms have a full-height window. This is where you’ll find the perfect spot for a large double-sided sofa or loveseat. In here, you can see how the window offers the perfect backdrop for a sculptural piece of art.

Get the feeling of experiencing a gallery but without the clutter. Most Swedish living rooms have a variety of paintings on the walls or framed pictures on the shelves. The feeling is cool and contemporary, not cramped or austere.

As mentioned, most Swedish living rooms have a fireplace. It’s a traditional element that goes well with minimalist white decor.

It’s also important to think of the room as a whole as an extension of the living room, as both of these open space living spaces can be structured in numerous ways.

Curtains and Ottoman seats are important for creating that well-organized look. You can have long curtains in all sorts of colors and patterns but to keep the room clean and simple, try not to include anything that looks like it belongs in the dining room or kitchen.

Curtains are also useful in the case of allowing you to have a set of small table and chair and even a couple of evening tables.

Make the room look and feel more crisp and organized by using the right colors. Neutral and light colors are great in this case but also include white as a color color of choice for the rest of the decor.

The floor is often overlooked. It’s a great way to decorate the floor with a wooden floor that will give it a warm and cozy look. It’s also an element that allows you to use the same type of flooring for the rest of the room.

This is a very interesting and unusual way of covering a living room with a table. It looks like a painting or a sculpture which might be nice in a more traditional setting but wouldn’t be exactly what you have in mind.

Decorate a living room with different-shaped area rugs. This strategy could work for a study, a game room, a family room or an area decorated with plants.

Make the living room look and feel more welcoming by incorporating some of the following elements into the decor: a large sofa or sectional, comfortable armchairs, a coffee table and a lighting fixture.