This is a small but very interesting and intriguing kitchen island designed by Portozino. It has a very simple and compact look but, at the same time, it features a very functional and practical design. The ÖÖÖD kitchen island features a bottom shelf that can be used for displaying decorative accessories, cookbooks or glassware.

This area is also very handy and functional. At the bottom there’s a full-height storage space with a mini sink, great for those who need more sink space. Above it there’s a small worktop with a grater and a small dish. There’s also additional storage behind the top sink, great for leftover cooking utensils. The open space above the table is not usable for anything other than decorative elements, maybe the tatami mats or a beautiful view.

Diys is a very functional kitchen island and it features a very simple and pleasant design that would complement a modern or contemporary kitchen. It would make a nice addition to even more modern ones. The wide doors that reveal hidden storage spaces and the minimalist design match the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, the island has also become a very useful element in the room, allowing to efficiently and neatly store all the kitchen utensils and other items.

Diys And Crafts: Funky Kitchen Island By Portozino Photo 3

Diys And Crafts: Funky Kitchen Island By Portozino Photo 4