The British designer Oliver Lumbréal has created a series of unique bed and sofa designs, more exactly a combination between a bed and a sofa. It’s an interesting combination that most people would love to have but only a few people would have enough time and space to create such a combination or variations. Nevertheless, the designer managed to come up with this particular design that almost makes it irresistible.

It’s a very interesting combination of the functionality of a sofa and the elegance of a bed. The sofa offers plenty of storage in the form of drawers and open shelves underneath the bed, just like in the case of the sofa. The drawers and the open shelves are very useful as storage space, roguers of bed drawers being very appreciated.

The collection includes several different variations of the sofa with different shapes, sizes, designs and even colors. The options are endless and they include simple sofa designs combining very well with the rest of the pieces from this collection. The designer also created another collection of piece that is actually very similar to the sofa: the collection of nightstands and poufs. They share the same minimalist and clean design, emphasizing the simplicity of the design and giving the collection an ethnic look.