When we talk about living spaces and designing them, the term ‘loft’ is often used interchangeably with “lavatory” but this is not necessarily the case. These two terms are sometimes used together to describe a bathroom or storage room. But the concept behind the concept is quite different.

In the case of a loft kitchen the concept is different and the focus is on the space-efficiency. This means that the kitchen isn’t tiny and this doesn’t refer to the amount of storage required, more like 25% in some cases. When you compare a kitchen with a bathroom it’s actually huge. All that space is not used for something like that.

Another very important aspect is the energy-efficiency of the kitchen. It has to be an efficient place where you can cook efficiently. A tiny bathroom can be as efficient as a whole so there’s really no hope in that direction.

Loft Kitchens – A Practical Approach To Space And Time Photo 3

A loft kitchen puts the kettle on the table and that’s especially practical because you also use the kitchen from other places. This makes it more efficient and practical.

Tiny bathrooms are not exactly ideal but they make up for that with their large spaciousness.

Another very important characteristic is the angle. A loft kitchen doesn’t have to be positioned at a slant. It can be positioned toe-on-up against a large windows and this allows light to go inside making the kitchen even more spacious.

A well-planned kitchen can be a pretty great place to spend your time at home. Also, it would be easy to organize the rest of the house.