Located in the Dutch countryside, this family home has been designed by Centric Design Group. A collection of different volumes, each with a different function, is harmoniously interconnected to provide a spacious and privacy-rich area for the owners. The house overlooks a small pond that’s surrounded by a wooden balcony, offering a relaxing and private space where the owners can relax and even eat.

The interior design is cohesive throughout and the colors and materials used throughout are in harmony with the surroundings and the nature of the site. They also make the house look and feel open and airy. At the center, there’s a large social area which includes the kitchen, dining room and living area. The wooden flooring that extends onto the balcony and extends onto the floor at the very top allows the wooden deck to merge with the water underneath, eliminating the need for a separate one. All main areas of the house are located this way, being separated into two distinct volumes by the addition of a mezzanine.

Small Fish Ponds Surround The House, Dividing It Into Separate Areas Photo 3