In a home where space is always a problem, every square meter counts. And every inch counts, especially in the case of small homes. Where else will you find some extra closet space? Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

Reverse doors.

It’s a common phenomenon to have a tight and small bathroom. The solution for the problem is simple. Remove the door and replace it with a long rain curtain. It will solve the problem completely.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

8ft Closet Doors – Perfect Solution For Tight Spaces Photo 5

Window restoration.

When you’re trying to make your bathroom look like it’s so small and cozy that you feel suffocated in there, the simplest solution is to just make sure it looks as good as ever. Build a rolling cabinet to give it a more spacious look and some storage space.{found on hgtv}.

Built-in laundry rack.

Most laundry rooms are already quite small so there’s no point in wasting space with a big and bulky laundry rack. Instead of a dryer which would definitely take up more space, a roll of shelves is the perfect solution.{found on thekitchn}.

A simple system.

If none of the solutions presented so far are really good or suitable for your bathroom, we’ll have a simple solution for the situation. All you need is a big mirror, a laundry rack and some simple shelves.

Corner shelves.

The same thing can be said about corner shelves. They take little space and they can be placed just above the door, on the wall or on the space under the sink.

Corner pantry.

A practical idea can be to have a cooking or prep area which goes unnoticed and is only used when you need it. To make it feel less awkward, include a nice locking system.{found on thekitchn}.

Laundry cabinet under the sink.

The space under the sink is an excellent storage area. You can have shelves and hooks and drawers and turn that space into storage for your laundry machine or dish.

Under the bed.

When you think about it, this is a perfect place for a laundry hamper. You can have a place where you hang your dryer and some shelves for storage and a great way of hiding it all.