Steampunk is the prevailing modern trend today. It’s a trend that originated in Victorian time when everything had an industrial look. Industrial made decorations and furniture made of elements like metal, glass or wire were common. At that time the decorative elements also started to have metal frames and base plates, so the trend grew quickly. But this unique style has remained and has become a defining detail, used in everything.

Laurakiristoklijas is a furniture company that creates contemporary designs by the hands of its creators and offers extensive product images. The company’s motto is “us’ and “we’re”. As a result, the company offers attractive and versatile furniture solutions for all residential as well as commercial applications. They offer a range of fully customizable pieces made of metal, wood, plastic or glass and lots of different finishes.

Steampunk became a socially acceptable attitude among the people who wanted what is truly wonderful and different. The items presented here share in common the industrial look. They feature strong and integrated fittings and systems. As for the rest, they are reminiscent of the Victorian era or rustic revival. These chic and unique items can be reinterpretations of simple furniture pieces with industrial details and they can be included in modern homes, offices, created to serve as functional furniture and decorative elements.