Wood, as you may have realized by now, has become a very popular material in the kitchen. There are lots of reasons why this is. Usually used on tables, on chairs and even on walls, wood is appreciated because of its natural elegance and also because it has the warmth and beauty that comes with it. This kitchen is all wood, but it is a modern approach and a bold one.

The kitchen is designed in a minimalistic style with an emphasis on practicality. The only detail that deserves a big dose of respect is the beautiful tree trunk structure that’s left by the clients for the architects. The kitchen island has a round top and a base with built-in slots and storage space incorporated. The beautiful top is covered in wood and complemented by a large panel with a built-in appliance. The design of this island is very fluid and the shape is very interesting, allowing the island to incorporate multiple functions in the same space.

The rest of the kitchen features fall-washed oak furniture with subtle wood grain features and textured surfaces. The colors are also simple and pleasant and they result in a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for working and socializing. In the larger areas such as the living room or dining area, warm oak surfaces give the space a casual and comfortable feel.