We all know how delicate and beautiful china cabinets can be. At least, that’s how they have been for centuries. Now they’re a symbol of elegance and glamour. But how do we even know this type of furniture is so elegant? The answer is very simple: with the pictures.

The china cabinet features a style that has been influenced by the Napau collection of the same name. It’s definitely not an ordinary piece of furniture. It has a vintage look with elegant details and intricate decorations. The china cabinet is a very eye-catching piece that would look great in a dining room. It’s usually useful to have one in the dining room as a display unit so you can see to see the whole picture, all the little details. In this case the unit has been repainted in white with gold-plated leaves and top.

It’s a very stylish piece of furniture with a simple but striking look. It would make an interesting addition to any type of dining room, regardless of the style and the rest of the elements in the room. The cabinet is available in two different configurations: either with natural wood flowers or with clocksides on the front and back. It’s crafted from wood and it comes in two different sizes. The natural wood version measures 7×10, 18’’ high, the clocksype version is 4×6, 20’’ high and the maximum weight capacity is 80 kg. I personally find this piece very simple and cute. You can find more similar items on Etsy.