You don’t always pay more attention to the carpet than to the kids….and sometimes you wear clothes and sit in the bathroom as well! So what’ are you waiting for? If you need a special place to play and hide and play or have a quiet moment, maybe it’s the best choice you can make. It’s called a carpet by the name of Maxotti – not so long ago, it was called The Dyed Dosa carpet and it comes from the dye specialist in Italy. It’s an original and crazy idea! You can find it for sale at 55$.

It’s funny how someone can make an original carpet from an item that would be considered trash or unsuitable for your home. I’m not saying this is a carpet or a rat’s nest carpet, but if you find something with a high profit as opposed to low quality goods, then the carpet is definitely worth the investment. What I do know is that people are very different and very people have different tastes, and that I can’t blame them for not noticing the originality in a carpet: if you like it, then you find it suitable for you. I’m sure you can find something interesting and fun to do with this carpet in your home.

Playroom Carpet By Lazzo Photo 2