Kids are never kept far away from technology. If you want them you need to find a way to store them for a long time period. They also need a space for recreation or other types of activities. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the space you use for their play is safe and functional. So it would be a good idea to start with the back yard. Welcome your kid to his new space with a comfortable chair or Teddy Bear.

There are multiple ways of starting a project or from the start of something. One way is to start a drawing or a painting. Another way is to buy some colorful furniture and let them see it in the yard. If you have the time and the necessary funds, you can buy some special safe nets to make the yard a place where they can play and exercise.

Let them throw the trash away.

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We’re all used to the way water comes into our homes. but this doesn’t mean you can’t recycle. You can use some old trash to make some colorful trash cans. Fill the cans with water and let them sit until the paint is dry. Then you can spray paint the cans.{found on elsiemarley}.

Make a swing.

Trying to imagine how it would be to fall asleep watching a beautiful, colorful butterfly on your favorite painting? You can actually make that happen. It’s all right here on Bloesem. The materials needed are a canvas, some painter’s tape and plastic hooks. First you have to sand the palette and then to draw the butterfly on the canvas. Tape it to the canvas and use a stencil to get the design just right. Then start painting. It’s easy, cheap and fun.{found on thehappybluebedroom}.

Let’s take a room to the bedroom our bedroom is missing something like. We can solve the problem with some simple items but if you’re truly ambitious you can come up with a more elaborate project. For example, turning a ladder into a headboard. It’s an idea that we found on Instructables.

Hanging string lights.

Wondering how you can make some dramatic canopy lighting for the patio or garden? All you need is a copper pipe, scissors, rope and some small cups or glasses. Cut the pipe in smaller pieces and thread them through the pipes. Start from the base and make a knot. Repeat for the rest of the pieces. Then tie them onto the ceiling.{found on sunset}.

Make a wreath and hang it on the front door. It’s a project that’s perfect for fall. To make it you need a grapevine wreath, ribbon, floral bushes in sets, wooden letters, a welcome sign and a twine or ribbon. Cut out the letters, make a small wreath and then start making the flowers. Glue the letters on, help with the rest and then add the ribbon.{found on ourfamilyattic}.

Make a cozy night light.

In the bedroom it’s usually nice to be cozy and relaxing so you can easily make a night light out of a tree branch. Just take a branch and mount it on a wall in front of your bed. It will look great and it will also help you relax.

Make a hammock.

Hammocks are always great decorations to have in the bedroom. They’re so soft and relaxing you can even lie down on them. Make sure your hammock is big enough to be unbalanced and stable.

Decorate with fruit.

Fresh fruit can be very refreshing when used as a decoration. You can display it on the windowsill, on a table or on the counter in the kitchen or dining room. It will cheer up the décor and it’s also a great way of reminding your guests to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Decorate with nature.

Make sure your guest rooms and outdoor spaces are filled with natural materials. For example, use wood, stone or even baskets of stones. Create organic masterpieces by combining the materials in a harmonious way.

Use light-colored fabrics.

A rainbow of colors can be created by using different types of fabric. Try to mix and match the colors, make a rainbow of colors or use both for a unique look.

Hope you’ll find inspiration in these wonderful summer options.