There are lots of ways in which you can divide up a room. For example, you could place a line of table lamps at the center of the room or maybe it’s better to divide the living room with two areas in one. Or maybe you’d prefer to have an open ceiling-mounted dimmer switch to go with your choice of wall art. Our selection of wall dividers would be enough to satisfy even the most unconventional of tastes.

The Housemart 163 Wall Dividers

Wall Divider Ideas To Open Up Your Home Photo 2

Because usually all walls are designed to separate the different areas that they’re placed into, they’re ideal for those cases when you have a large social area and just want to separate it from the living room but you don’t want it to become too separated. Also, consider the fact that open spaces sometimes need to be visually separated from all other areas or you want to keep the décor open but you don’t want it to be too dark and gloomy.

The Housemart 163 Wall Divider

The final choice would be the Housemart 203 Wall Dividers. Unlike other dividers, this one has a simple and modern design with a medium-sized woven panel that can be easily peeled and peeled off either to reveal the plan structure or to get rid of the frame.

There are 8 different types of the woven panels, each with their own set of unique characteristics. In addition to the usual characteristics, the panels also have an antiporization rating which helps prevent the materials from absorbing 3M force during a fire. You can choose between the green and yellow hues, the simple white design or a patterned version.