When someone decides to build their own fence, sometimes it’s all just a little more difficult than it seems. For example, here’s a guy that decided to do all that for free. He didn’t even think of this DIY fence until he had the ideas to build one of his own. However, it wasn’t that easy.

This DIY fence was built by Yodesign. It’s a fence that doubles as a cutt in the woods. It’s an unusual idea but it has been tried and it works. In this case, the owner used cans and tools he already had in the house in order to cut the wood like in this pictures. After that, he placed the fence between his property and the neighboring property and he waited for the timber to dry.

Modern Privacy Fence Inventions By Yodesign Photo 2

It was then that the construction of the DIY fence started. First the boards were cut and then the rest of the lumber was added. It took a while to complete all the cuts and the crow bar would have to be working at a high level. Then it was time to secure the wood pieces together and to add the posts. The fence was then mounted and it’s ready to be used.{found on thehomesteady}.

Modern Privacy Fence Inventions By Yodesign Photo 3