Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wood Trunk Tables By Steve Leung

You can call this a coffee table, but it’s not. It’s a set of three occasional tables that sometimes can be used as a storage space for all the mixer that gets into the room. The most common piece of […]

Kitchen Solutions For Small Spaces

When you have a small home, every bit of space counts. That’s why you need to be creative and to come up with new ways of organizing your items and of manipulating your furniture. Among the possibilities that you can […]

Bookcase Glass Doors By Cardano Padovani

Cardano Padovani designed glass doors for a Paris apartment. This French-inspired design is the perfect choice for the apartment, providing ample natural light without compromising privacy. Shades can be selectively removed depending on the purpose of the access. Separate entries […]

1940s Furniture Styles From Riva

Looking for a bit of drama? This 1940s furniture style from Riva has grainy, textured surface patterns that would add some interest to any space. Like a piece of hand-painted furniture with one-of-a-kind detailing, these pieces feature a range of […]

Kitchen With Shelves By Iosa Ghini

Italian architect Iosa Ghini has designed this stylish kitchen with shelves. Located in Cap-d’Aro, Italy, the kitchen consisted of a large space that also acted as a distribution center for household appliances, furniture, heating and water. Photos by Paolo Tosti

Chic Boys Room With Touch Of Pink And Gold

When decorating a boy’s room it’s always difficult to resist the temptation of pink and gold. They are two colors that when combined together form a very strong and vivid combination. This is a perfect example to illustrate this idea. […]

60s Living Room Makeover

This is a 60s living room that used to look very sad and boring. It was the only room that featured a black and white striped sofa with white pillows and lamp. It wasn’t the elegant room that you wanted […]