Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Roofs By A-cero

The geometric design of the A-cero new roof structure is beautifully developed in detail by the geometric form, while a perfect integration of the building is made in the facade. The new cubic rooftops are created with the assistance of […]

Pool House Plans By James & Mau

pool house plans are usually floating in the air, siting almost invisible on the surface of the water, waiting for us to find the perfect angle for launching into the water the rafts or the barges. But this plans are […]

Farmhouse Look House

A perfect home for the summer holidays, this stunning farmhouse look house designed by Nathan Kirkland is an architectural gem. The contemporary home’s unique shape comes as a response to the regional climate. It offers beautiful views of two lakes […]

Tiny Stone Cottage In Ontario Lake

This very small but very interesting building is located on the banks of an Ontario Lake. It’s a cottage that has a very unusual look. It’s a small building that has been designed with a whole new look. It has […]