Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pool Landscapes By Sdh Australia

Sydney-based architectural firm Sydney-based studio Vibe Design Group has designed the Pool landscapes for the Pool House project by Vibe Design Group. Completed in 2009, this unique house is located in Randwick, a suburb in south-eastern Sydney in the state […]

Condos Interiors By Assistant5studio

Condos Interiors is a project completed by assistant5studio. It is located in Montréal, in Quebec, Canada; and was finished in 2013. Condos Interiors by assistant5studio: “The project involves the remodelling of a condominium in a building located on Rue L’aurteux, […]

Bars In Homes By Darren James

Australian designer Darren James created this contemporary home in 2010 for a client living in Launceston, Sydney, Australia. It has an air of minimalist desisationalism reminiscent of midcentury modernism. The Foothills House by Darren James: “Inspiration got the Foothills project […]

Basement Pub By H2o Architectes

Basement pub is a project located in Paris, France. It was completed by h2o architectes in 2014. Basement pub by h2o architectes: “The nature of the work has been directly related to the client’s comfort and well as his lifestyle. […]

Houses Structure In Vila Boim By MARC

Specht Hapman-based architectural firm MARC has created the House Vila Boim in Vila Boim, Senegal. Completed in 2012, this 5,059 square foot contemporary home features a unique curved design with glass walls and an innovative underwater room. It is built […]