Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wallpaper Cool Wallpapers

Wallpaper has become a popular trend in interior decor, and for good reason. It adds key features to a room without being overwhelming. The key is to maintain good proportions in the room so that the pattern does not become […]

Pendulum Painting Sculpture By Takkuno Mita

Wall murals are interesting decorations that might look great in an office, but if you really want to impress you can choose a very different approach and opt for an amazing painting. For example this amazing mandal painting was designed […]

Modern Geometric Wallpaper

The wallpaper trend is now moving to the streets of many homes. Throw them onto walls, cover them with geometric designs, and position them so as to create interesting patterns on the wall. The pattern’s simplicity and interest will stir […]

Diy Modern Artwork From Anjal Li

The art is what defines this house located in Manila, Philippines. Designed by the architects from Anjal li, the house is nothing like the typical homes that everyone has. It’s a modern artwork and museum. The idea behind this project […]

Terrazzo Pattern

The Terrazzo Furniture Collection is probably one of the best examples of modern interiors with futon-like dimensions. Furniture has not been, for example, made of stone (how can be!), but a huge amount of contemporary chairs, tables and accessories have […]