Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Concrete Kitchen Floors By Ottone Meloda

Concrete is, no doubt, the frontrunner material when it comes to hi-fashion bathrooms. But what about concrete floors? They don’t always seem finished or prepared to the nines. Concrete floors give the modern bathroom a timeless look. Whether you choose […]

Ideas For Ceilings, Walls And Floors

Curtains, walls, floors – these are the main elements to create in your home to enhance the ambiance. And there are several types to choose from in order to fit your style and to achieve balance in home design. Curtains […]

Bench Around Tree

I have always found wooden benches around trees very practical and that is because they seem to be able to hide the things beneath them, so you can store under them whatever you want to. However, benches or tables that […]

Paver Patio Images By Akbarchitects

The pictures say it all: concrete pavers! The latest trend in backyard design is the use of gravel as a primary material. Here, concrete pavers have been used to cover a row of pathways in a few different settings. The […]

Steel Houses Plans To Complete In 2017

As seen from the outside, the houses looks like a huge stone structure, but from the interior you can see that it’s not so, since there are some marvelous wood framed windows there and also a lot of other eye-catching […]

Marble Terrazzo Flooring By Riva

Designed by Riva, Tara Lynn’s marble flooring features an organic look combining marble and other natural materials. The terrazzo look is achieved by mixing together powdered and white marble, wet sponges and an essential oil derived from marine oils. The […]

Grey Kitchens From Cesar

Cesar is a company with which one can connect with endless expansion of breakfast kitchens. They design and make unique kitchen models which visually connect with ground and ceiling. The kitchen is part of a bigger space, somehow extending the […]