Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Sunken Living Room Concept By Jamie Bush & Co.

Jamie Bush & Co. created this contemporary living room concept back in 2010 for a client located in North Carlton, Australia. It features exposed brickwork, polished concrete floors and a modern fireplace. House Of The Future Pt II by Jamie […]

Wood Panel Room Decor

When you decorate the rooms of the house for Christmas you might think that is the only holiday without another holiday appropriate to do the same. It might be a bad idea because in the case of this particular room […]

Reading Bedroom Furniture Idea

The bedroom is supposed to be the place where you can be most relaxed and hide from the world. Here all the things inside your bedroom will be arranged very carefully so that you feel relaxed and blessed with the […]

In Home Library Design

In home libraries everything is different than in a bookshelf wall. In home libraries, bookshelves have to be bigger and to have more space available in order to store and to display all the books. But besides the books, the […]

60s Living Room Makeover

This is a 60s living room that used to look very sad and boring. It was the only room that featured a black and white striped sofa with white pillows and lamp. It wasn’t the elegant room that you wanted […]