Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Small Vanity Bench With A Beautiful Design

This is a small vanities made for small spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, then you’re also probably familiar with the problems that small bathrooms can present. They tend to be more functional, simpler and sometimes […]

Ikea Bed Furniture

If you are having problems with the size of your bedroom and also with the balance between the furniture that needs to be there, the first solution is to opt for multifunctional pieces of furniture that can satisfy you. The […]

Dog Bed Nightstands From Brandoni

When you have a pet that seems to hide between all the shelves in your home, you can always find something to put them there, and this is perfectly normal. But there’s a special situation when you have a really […]

Modern Clothing Rack By Michal Welsky

This is a clothing rack that’s both functional and beautiful. The Red Barrel is a freestanding unit with a minimalist design. It has a versatile construction which allows it to be included in both modern and traditional homes and it […]

Reform Ikea’s Modular Expansion Of IKEA

In a collaboration with Swedish architects re-structuring an iconic piece of Swedish furniture, re-visioning what was once a obsolete room and turning it into a stunning apartment for a young couple, Janki Hökfatläm, the head of Janki Inc, has opened […]