Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Half Wall Divider By Benjamin Hubert

This is a creative design, created by Benjamin Hubert. A wall divider is often the only one thing a room needs to be organized. It’s a halfway point and it’s a very practical solution after that. This divider is particularly […]

Kitchen Fireplace By Antonio Lupi

Good home is a place which can make you feel comfortable and enjoy all the moments that you spend here. It is also a place which can remind you of all the moments you have spent at home. Antonio Lupi […]

Contemporary Wall Units By Skiles

Today we’re going to take a look at the Skiles Modular wall unit. It’s a stylish and very elegant unit that was designed by Andreas Karson and Vlara Bergquist. The combination of wood and metal gives the unit a balanced […]

Charcoal Gray Couch By Matali Crasset

The new season of love has arrived, and for many people this means a huge spring purchase. For others, it means a long cold winter trial. Today I want to show you a gorgeous, and fully functional, sofa. Its design […]

End Table Lamps By David Trubridge

Designer David Trubridge has created a unique series of end tables along with several other contemporary pieces of furniture. Each lamp is unique and is offered in a variety of colors and finishes that are extracted from rare and endangered […]

Entertainment Room Ideas

People spend a lot of time decorating their homes according to their preferences and they make great choices wherever possible. However, it’s very difficult to find the right interior décor for every home. We’re not always in the mood to […]

Farmhouse Look: Chic Slovenia House

Sleek, contemporary villas set in beautiful surroundings are increasingly becoming popular across the globe, and today we have one of the stylishly titled Vals range of homes that we also fancy. Designed by Minimal Architects, this home in the pictures […]

Pitched Ceilings By Matthijs Van Severen

Luxury is not always synonymous with low ceilings, as Matthijs van Severen puts emphasis on the high ceilings he puts up by designing the interior of his house from space-efficient panelling. This clever approach is reflected in the curvy look […]