Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wooden Corner Shelves By Elii

This is a set of two wooden corner shelves by Elii created for a client located in Moscow, Russia. The shelves are made of solid natural walnut wood and boast a simple and clean design that shows off both the […]

Stainless Kitchen Shelves By Cuirapi

If you’re currently looking for a nice place to start your home, the Stainless Steel Appliances Collection from Cuirapi is definitely the right choice. This is a complete kitchen remodel, which involved refacing of appliances that will make your home […]

Diy Nightstands Collections From Terzani

A nightstand is often regarded as a luxury item. It has a unique beauty that makes it special. Sometimes it’s the little details that make a piece of furniture special. The nightstand is often a focal point for the room […]

Rustic Shelving Ideas By Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects created this rustic shelving unit that is reminiscent of traditional wood paneling. Located in San Francisco, the home illustrates the company’s dedication to sustainability in building and retail shows that can be both sustainable and luxurious, depending […]

Circle Beds By Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bardi is a young designer and artist based in Milan, Italy. She uses collage and skewing techniques to create her unique sculptural installations and furniture. One of her creations is the Bone Furniture Mountain Bed. As you can see […]

Home Office Shelves By Gplusx

Everybody loves a good space for books, magazines, movies, and so on. But most of the times there’s not a lot of space for all of them and this is a problem, especially when you’re working in an office. The […]

Clean Cork Flooring And White Detail

If you’re looking for a combination of clean lines and contemporary design, white detail like the detailed base of the Cork Floor and detailing found on the white doors is perfect for your home. The Cork floor is available in […]

Ocean Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

The Oceanside House in Phuket, Thailand was designed by Christopher Polly Architect. Completed in 2012, this contemporary vacation home is located in a natural environment, an oasis devoid of activity and noise. The Oceanside House by Christopher Polly Architect: “Our […]

Tiny Shelves By Gabrielle Condon

This is a collection of small shelves, of different dimensions and designed by Gabrielle Condon. It was created as an accent piece for the bathroom. The collection was designed especially for small spaces, meant to be multifunctional spaces such as […]