Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Craftsman Style Interior Design

This charming craftsman style home belongs to Betty Campbell Smith and her husband, architect Kevin Scott, who have shared it with us. The home features an industrial-style kitchen, living area, and bar. It’s currently for sale for $1,850,000. Buy it […]

Farmhouse Look House

A perfect home for the summer holidays, this stunning farmhouse look house designed by Nathan Kirkland is an architectural gem. The contemporary home’s unique shape comes as a response to the regional climate. It offers beautiful views of two lakes […]

Window Sofa By Sabina Hill

window sofa is a very versatile furniture piece that can basically be used to decorate any room of the house, or even the office. In fact, office furniture is the most used item in the house because it’s usually both […]

Bookcase Glass Doors By Cardano Padovani

Cardano Padovani designed glass doors for a Paris apartment. This French-inspired design is the perfect choice for the apartment, providing ample natural light without compromising privacy. Shades can be selectively removed depending on the purpose of the access. Separate entries […]