Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Home Library Design By Fabio Fantolino

The home library was a project by Fabio Fantolino, self-described master of the book bookshelf. This is one of the 21 rooms in Santa Monica, California, USA. The home library was designed for the new Norwegian Ambassador to Norway, which […]

Mermaid Themed Rooms

When you have a creative mind you may choose what to do next and what not. Here’s an example of a fun and creative interior design. It’s decorated with the mermaid panels from the owners jewelry store and it looks […]

Storage Bed Diy By Skazzo

Skazzo has provided a very interesting storage bed series, the Dandy and the Blue, that combines the functions of a proper bed and a certain ship, the bed of a sailor, presented in a new environment. The bed of Blue […]

Entertainment Room Ideas

People spend a lot of time decorating their homes according to their preferences and they make great choices wherever possible. However, it’s very difficult to find the right interior décor for every home. We’re not always in the mood to […]

Normal Bedroom

Most of us have a busy lifestyle and we always try to accommodate all the stressful moments by hiring specialists and by improvising. Nothing compares with a healthy and relaxing environment. We may also choose to choose the types of […]

Bed Wheels By Sunavoli Furniture

Well, this is new and very interesting. Bed wheels are not something you see every day. This is something more than a simple furniture piece. It’s a symbol of the future and everything in this case represents an indicator of […]

Loft Ideas – Scandinavian House Design Ideas

The first thing you might notice upon entering this apartment is the Scandinavian décor. In this case, the combination of minimalist and sophisticated. The room features simple lines and without any unnecessary details. Notice the lack of artwork, or even […]