Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Collection Display

Here’s a very interesting and original way of displaying oil paintings on the wall. This is a collection of personalized items, representing various items such as tanks, jars, vases, glasses and so on. All you need is an expensive frame […]

Statement Mirrors From Naula Italia

Made in Italy, the ‘Papier- mocha’ collection of mirrors is a contemporary home accessory from Naula Italia. A luxurious handcrafted wood box is lathed to a smooth profile – bringing a natural, organic beauty to the mirror surface. The Lapic […]

Industrial Interior Design In Brazil

Inspired by a need to have a fresh perspective over dull interior appliances, the designer team at Buro Volataro created an inspiring, eclectic interior design using unconventional décor and a creative, artful synthesis of several, similar items. The home, located […]

Spanish Decorate Your Home With Japanese Prints

It’s not easy to integrate a foreign print into your home, but some Scandinavian-inspired ones can bring a rush that foreign spaces do not.The ease of integrating artwork and decorative elements is making Japanese and Japanese-inspired prints extremely popular right […]