Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Two Person Bathtub By Aygoustisis

These two person bathtubs are a modern stylish alternative to the traditional tubs, and are manufactured by Aygoustis. A space saving solution for small spaces the tubs are conveniently space saving and they can be installed both at a walled-in […]

Flower Bed Ideas By Funn Roberts

For those who would like to show their passion for flowers or plants and also have the opportunity to bring a new aspect of life into their house, the flower bed is always a perfect option.In order to get an […]

Small Shelving Unit

Today we’re going to take a look at a very simple and useful piece of furniture that has a storage shelf element for displaying books. It’s a small shelving unit or bookcase. It’s actually more than just a bookcase. It’s […]

Normal Bedroom

Most of us have a busy lifestyle and we always try to accommodate all the stressful moments by hiring specialists and by improvising. Nothing compares with a healthy and relaxing environment. We may also choose to choose the types of […]

Indoor Plant Arrangement By Gi?kerra

The house plant is an important factor in design and decoration of any interior space. Its aroma and visual effect powerfuliates the mood of the space and maybe makes it more pleasant thinks of the owner. In an indoor plant […]

Bars In Homes By Darren James

Australian designer Darren James created this contemporary home in 2010 for a client living in Launceston, Sydney, Australia. It has an air of minimalist desisationalism reminiscent of midcentury modernism. The Foothills House by Darren James: “Inspiration got the Foothills project […]

Warehouse Office Design By Michal Nowak

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Warehouse Office was designed by Michal Nowak. The space presents a series of panels with various forms resembling doors, allowing individuals to enter and leave the building at will. Worn and Worn by Michal Nowak: […]

New York House By M2architects

The York House was designed by m2architects. It’s located in Pavratin, Poland. York House by m2architects: “The York house is located on a large lot, in one of the few residential areas near the sea that is relatively small by […]