Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Scandinavian Nursery

This Scandinavian nursery has a very interesting interior design and it seems like a very nice choice for a child’s room. The décor is very simple. It’s also elegant and chic but it’s also casual and rustic. The color palette […]

Poka Dot Stickers For Kids Room

There are parts of the house that we wish to decorate and parts that are not so useful. When it comes to kids room wallpaper, it is always frustrating because the selection of colours and effects is so little, and […]

Pink Kitchens: A Trend That Is Here To Stay

Every once in a while we come across a project that requires a whole different approach. Interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet selected a particular color and thought of a challenge. He had to create a colorful, inviting and pleasant kitchen […]

Bright Bedroom Colors For Summer

Bright bedrooms are always a plus. They create a cheerful, sunny and airy atmosphere and they usually have white walls and ceilings. But bright colors can also be a good option for the bedroom during summer. These are the colors […]

Copper Decor By Jaffa Group

Copper is often used in interior décor as a versatile and chic way of introducing an interesting color palette into a décor. Also, copper features one of the brightest colors available and often creates a nice combination of interesting and […]

Tropical Wallpapers

I am not a fan of the standard wallpapers that come with all the required lines and also the painting that can be seen all over the house – I prefer the wallpapers with a floral pattern that can add […]

Olive Color

The nautical theme is very current in the current world and especially in the social interiors. It’s a theme that has been adapted to the workplace, the bedroom, or any other place that might need a touch of relaxation and […]

Neon Room Ideas

Neon lights have always been intriguing. They have shown us images of ships that have been built with neon inside and that have incorporated light bulbs into their designs. There are also interesting-looking spaces that have illuminated walls that have […]

Goth Candles By Holly Fintaly Architecture

Holly Fintaly Architecture has completed this gray resin clad fire pit in the attic of a mid-century house located in San Francisco, California, USA. The project consists of a fire pit table made from trellis – all beautiful. Photos by: […]