Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wired Lamp Shade By Philip Michael Wolfson

Swiss designer Philip Michael Wolfson created a very interesting lamp. It has a design that seems a bit abstract and it’s not actually color. It’s the shape that makes it so interesting. A very smart idea was to use light […]

Traditional Table Lamps From Karman

Table lamps are used in home décor for many reasons. One of the most important ones is that they create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere. That’s why traditional table lamps are perfect for the bedroom. They have a beautiful […]

Bedroom Ceiling Light By Robson Rak

Traditional bedroom lamps are usually big and big because they take little space and they also provide you with the perfect illumination. However, since the customers demanded an unusually high ceiling for their bedroom, architects from Robson Rak had to […]

Edison Light Chandelier

People need a lot of things in the house because they want to make themselves Psych or else they will become reckless and crazy. So most of the times, the first things that a person need is an interesting lamp […]

Cool Track Lighting By DeGioPDG

These track lighting systems from DeGio PDG are all the more interesting that you can imagine! They are based on a simple concept: the common wire mesh (aka “carcass”) worn by most homes in Europe and formerly the Philippines. The […]

Stairway Lights

We all get ready for the weekend on Sunday evening and go to work, so I advise you to come into work also on Sunday evening and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the workplace. Any way, many people […]

Ceiling With Beams And Glass

This modern loft is located in the Belgrade District in Serbia and it’s a very interesting addition to the urban landscape. It occupies an area of 120 square meters and it was designed by ARCH.CTOURCE. It’s a two-story loft with […]

Corner Light By Dimitaz Balas

Our daily nightmare is of watching children trick us and trick us into thinking we are crazy because we do not see the ugly and lonely face of this world or the face of sickness and all the other unpleasant […]

Modern Birdcage Chandelier By Sigmar

This unique chandelier, designed by Sigmar, is making quite the statement in the contemporary home. Built on a larger than life pedestal, the Narcissus Cage Chandelier is a bold, towering execution of modern design. The curvy columns resemble elegant candlesticks, […]

Edison Light Fixture

People say one thing in English and that is that they want the things around us to be as simple as possible and yet very effective. So you must find the perfect combination between the gracefulness and simplicity of the […]