Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Recreational Room Furniture From Klara

Klara is an Italian design company that focuses on decorative arts and the interior environment in general and the furnishings are no exception.The “Reimagined “rooms” that you see in the pictures are actually a modern reinterpretation of the traditional skillion […]

Bars In Homes By Darren James

Australian designer Darren James created this contemporary home in 2010 for a client living in Launceston, Sydney, Australia. It has an air of minimalist desisationalism reminiscent of midcentury modernism. The Foothills House by Darren James: “Inspiration got the Foothills project […]

Mancave Garage

When the earth is flat we call it a cave and the natural ones are always in a hurry. Any way, when you have a stone cave you can’t say bye to DNA, but you can say it is perfect […]