Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Sofa Vs Couch: You Both Like It!

Despite some accidental encounters with other pieces of furniture, loveseats have recently emerged as the new must-have. Previously, the loveseat had a very narrow and smaller footprint and it had to be tended in a way that would preserve some […]

De Stijl Chair By Magnus Sune Berg

The chair, called “The Dutch Chair”, is designed by Magnus Sune Berg. It is made of marine plywood and it is upholstered with marine fabric. The Dutch Chair, designed by one of the most recognized designers of the twentieth century, […]

De Stijl Chair By Arthur Casas

The chair, which is made in the foothills of Sierra Grande Baja California, Mexico, was designed by Arthur Casas. The living room in this home rinks to the terrace and the patio, granting an immediate atmosphere of relaxation and harmony. […]

Coconut Chair By Paola Bagna

The coconut chair has a very interesting structure. It’s a typical handbag rack object, very useful in the house. This particular piece was designed by Paola Bagna for Crochet and it’s made of recycled soft mering iratiles with 80mm inflatable […]

Aquarium Bed By SpaceSpace

This intriguing bed is inspired by the luxury trend in modern interior design. Aquarium beds are part of a “less is more” concept that uses furniture as a means to express our interest in shiny objects and luxurious materials. The […]

Steel Kitchen Table By Davide Oppizzi

The Bombador kitchen table is an extraordinary piece of furniture that gives the room a unique and unmistakable look. The design of the table is simple, modern and elegant. It features clean-cut lines and geometrical shapes and it’s been crafted […]

Big Floor Tiles By Joris Laarman

In Dutch photographer Joema Rijckedahl, 36, designers at Joris Laarman created a tile collection to suit the needs of urbanites. Currently exhibiting at the Luke Gallery in London, the tiles feature an innovative design with a light-touch surface that allows […]