Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Loftbed Design By Casey Brown Architecture

When we sit down for a relaxing afternoon in the summer our days become less formal and more friendly, and the whole feeling is rather familiar and comfortable. In those moments we can unleash our inner artist and create wonderful […]

Hideaway Beds By Pioda

You may think of the beds that have built-in storage underneath or bedside tables that make sleeping a real pleasure. If you are on the other hand, think of a bed that has its own hidden storage compartment inside its […]

Stairs Beds With Built-in Storage

When you’re living in a small place, the biggest and most important advantage is probably the fact that you can do whatever you want to. However, sometimes you need some extra storage space for things that you usually don’t want […]

Sofa Murphy Bed By Oddi Osman

Princesses and other small girls love the bed as much as they love the prince or princess from the childhood. They even want to have their own room and even a princess castle. So why not let them if you […]

Platform Bed Design By TAF Architects

The platform bed design by TAF Architects is a very flexible one. The bed is no longer a rigid barrier by which you have to place your belongings as it certainly won’t hurt you. TAF Architects is an industrial design […]

Corner Bed Ideas

The bed is like any other piece of furniture in the house. We usually just plan what we want to have in the bedroom and include the storage spaces. However, with the bed there’s even more to take into consideration. […]