Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Poka Dot Stickers For Kids Room

There are parts of the house that we wish to decorate and parts that are not so useful. When it comes to kids room wallpaper, it is always frustrating because the selection of colours and effects is so little, and […]

Small Nursery Ideas With A Playful Touch

Children are raised up as symbols by default and this allows them many advantages. However, put them into your home and away from all the stress and worry. The nursery is their own little beautiful space that you can’t take […]

Unicorn Decorating Ideas For 2011

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to decorate a space that is shaped by the whimsical, crazy, parito-crazy, eccentric or even crazy person you are. Your home’s personality has to be preserved in order to gain that “homey” feel. […]

Color Palettes Pastel Colors

There’s no more conservative color palets than the ones you would expect to find in traditional homes, or other styles. The color palette of a room can be red, blue, green, yellow, or anything in between. Colors not only have […]

Polka Dotted Walls And Flooring

This collection of wall and floor tiles called “cotton mall” is an interesting way of adding diversity to the interiors. It’s something that can be used in public areas like bars but also in private spaces like homes. This particular […]

Colorful Crib Bedding By Provo

When furnishing the children’s rooms, the concern is usually going to be the quantity of furniture that would be practical and functional in the room and at the same time to keep everything out of sight so that the room […]

Marquee Light By Atelier Omerta

Located in Athens, Greece, the Marquee Light is a project completed by Atelier Omerta. The home is perched on the side of a rocky cliff, and has stunning views over the surrounding landscape. Marquee Light by Atelier Omerta: “The Marquee […]