Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Brick Wall Restaurant

You’re probably familiar with the image of a room with high ceilings, large glass walls and pitch skylights. It’s probably the room of the house that has a dramatic effect on the decorating style and on the interior décor itself. […]

Teepee Bedroom By Hu Mama Architects

This contemporary bedroom, located in Fukuyama, Japan, was designed in 2010 by hu mama architects. A pyramid-like structure holds the bed, and another structure that serves as a room divider is formed in front of it, in an attempt to […]

Marquee Light By Atelier Omerta

Located in Athens, Greece, the Marquee Light is a project completed by Atelier Omerta. The home is perched on the side of a rocky cliff, and has stunning views over the surrounding landscape. Marquee Light by Atelier Omerta: “The Marquee […]

Striped Armchair By Patricia Urquiola

The name is just a cover for the amazing armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola. The “Horizontal” armchair is the new face of the modular sofa system and the designer’s attention to details comes to the attention with the ingenious little […]

Kitchen Tables Nooks

The kitchen table is the important element in any home, not just the one you share with the other members of the family. In most cases, the living room or the kitchen is a shared space and the tables are […]

Woven Footstool By Timo Wong

You’re probably familiar with those plastic seats that cover the floor and the window that have some elliptical or 90 degree couches. Well, some designers that both Peter and Eric of San-Frans and Maarten de Roover decided to use their […]