Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rec Rooms By Santhermosa Architekten

Stockholm-based studio santhermosa architekten has designed the Rec Room in Vlieland, Sweden. Completed in 2010, this multifunctional space features a work table for both authors and non-authors to submit their work. Rec Room by santhermosa architekten: “This is a double-height […]

The Gaming Attic By Nasty

This is the new gaming public toilet from Nasty. The idea behind this one is to make a toilet that looks like an attic and with all the cables and devices hidden in the walls, the DS-140 Gehaze is a […]

Unique Upholstery Fabrics By Lauer Blanche

Furniture made using distinctive new upholstery fabrics by Lauer Blanche is quite popular these days.Comfortable and soft, the new collections of Lauer Blanche fabrics aim to surprise and delight.The selection will be made in secrecy, with the fabric set to […]

Unique Upholstery Fabrics By Lolla

The new look for upholstered furniture is the result of a collaboration between Italian brand Lolla and fashion designer Manal Elou. The bold colors and attention to detail are the result of a collaboration that let the two creatives come […]

Pink Kitchens: A Trend That Is Here To Stay

Every once in a while we come across a project that requires a whole different approach. Interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet selected a particular color and thought of a challenge. He had to create a colorful, inviting and pleasant kitchen […]

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Janet Gustafson of Gustafsson Design, Inc. sent us photos of a kitchen remodeled in 2010. This particular kitchen was in extreme need of some work. The place had been over decorated in the past, and it was outdated and dark. […]

70s Kitchen In Black And White

This is a modern kitchen from Katon Red Mini that you can find if you’re in the area in which you want it for a specific location. So regardless of your home or the style you have always had in […]

Porcelanosa Kitchen By A-cero

The new Porcelanosa kitchens are designed by Spanish kitchen company A-cero and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, suited to each home. The collection is unique and beautiful in more than one way. First of all, […]