Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Office Cork Boards By Smoth3

Office cork boards are usually very simple and functional and don’t take much space. However, when you need an extra space for your notes or your business cards you can always improvise.smoth3 is an Amsterdam-based design studio that came up […]

Office Wall Shelves By DmvA

The company DVVA had to respond to a serious lack of storage space, which, in a world in which we try to work, is a serious problem, not just in the working area but in our home as well. The […]

Unique Armchairs

Because of their height this armchairs are perfect for small spaces. They are simple but they’re also comfortable and they come in a large variety of colors and patterns. The word “armchair” doesn’t really say anything. Anyway, these armchairs are […]

Atrium Ideas By Sculp[IT]AR

The inspiration for the many wall sconces that are available in the market came from Asia. The designer, Ziyet Sejura, Orientalate atelier has found a very interesting way of illustrating this culture. The blank walls receive animated data like the […]

Floor Seating Cushions By Mediabistro

The recent trend has been to focus on unique and modern floor seating, which is not to be ignored because a lot of contemporary interiors are going down the traditional route and go for more simplistic silhouettes and less ornate […]