Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Diy Book Stopper From The Past

I can see a lot of kids building shelves in their houses nowadays because nothing else like going to the ground floor and grabbing a book or paper and then leaving again after school –_-. The kids are given one […]

Diy Photo Frames For Living Room

When we are guests we will feel like we are traveling in the world and we will see various things that everybody admires. Nowadays everybody can see exactly what what we eat, drink or say something to everybody. But the […]

Build Corner Shelf By Superuse Studio

This is a unique piece of furniture designed by Superuse Studio, more exactly the designer in charge of the project. The “Crab” is part of a larger collection featuring many other equally beautiful and interesting pieces. The designer came up […]

Sofa Ideas From Ekluria

A traditional sofa was a British ideal of the 80’s. Although the designs vary with region, the general silhouette is always similar. The sofas were generally simple, made of wood and having simple, straight lines. The design could also be […]