Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Kitchen Shelf Ideas With Storage

When furnishing the kitchen, we want to find space for all the necessary things that we need. We also want them to look nice and we want them to be simple and functional. We’re not always very choise about the […]

Modular Bookcase Made From Rustic Bricks

If you’re looking for a modern bookcase then you should take a look at this one. It’s a modular bookcase, meaning that you can make an arrangement on the web according to your need. Your customers will know exactly where […]

Diy Hexagon Shelves By Iru Kruopeau

Irina Kruopeau is a photographer and designer who wanted to create some shelves in her studio for display of her photographic works of art, which are a way off-the-wall style projects. The artist decided to use aluminium shutter boxes for […]

Office Floating Shelves

For all of the furniture stores in one of the most diverse and creative places you could possibly find, one of the best things is also the perfect storage places for all of us. I’m not talking about the old […]