Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures By Calazzo

The Italian company Calazzo has introduced some very interesting bedroom lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures take the basic fixtures found in sconces and lampshades and placed them on the wall. In this way they serve both as a source of […]

Modern Headboard Ideas

The headboard is like a residence in the bedroom. It’s where the bed is and where it’s also where the nightstands are. Usually, the headboard isn’t placed against the walls and this is an apparently chaotic room décor but in […]

Creative Bookends By Ben Hubert

Designer Ben Hubert really loves bookshelves. He collects them and he really loves them. He developed this passion for books and, as a result, he created some really nice series of bookends. These are four different models that share similar […]

Small Shelves By Kristin Öberg

Small shelves are always a good idea. They allow you to maintain your home clutter-free and they can be really useful in the case of the home office. In a small room there’s not a lot of space for hanging […]

Wall Corner Shelves

Whether your house is narrow or filled with big rooms, wall corner shelves would still look nice and functional. They are great in a home, especially if you purchase some for the lower price. Designed by Dan Yeffet from Venice, […]

Air Plant Terrariums

If you want a fresh décor for your home, try to include plants or trees that produce green, moist soil. For the plants you can use terracotta pots, glass containers or other type of dry and transparent containers. If you […]

Kitchen With Shelves By Iosa Ghini

Italian architect Iosa Ghini has designed this stylish kitchen with shelves. Located in Cap-d’Aro, Italy, the kitchen consisted of a large space that also acted as a distribution center for household appliances, furniture, heating and water. Photos by Paolo Tosti