Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Brik Wallcoverings And Rugs

Do you love the look of your walls? Do you feel like you can give them a makeover for a more fashionable home? Well, if yes then you should know that we have a special product for you: the “Brik” […]

Blue Grey Sofa

The first thing you should do when decorating your home is to relax and enjoy the calm and quiet atmosphere. I think this blue grey sofa is perfect for that room. The sofa features a simple design, with clear lines […]

Color Kitchen Island By Maxwan

For those who prefer a bright and filled up kitchen in monochromatic colors, the appliance manufacturer Maxwan has a great solution for you. The “Color Kitchen Island” is designed by the Dutch architectural firm Maxwan – one of the most […]

Curved Patio Designs By James & Mau

You may not have imagined that a curved patio can exist in the real world, but here is one project which provides compelling reasons why someone would like to live in a futuristic world and not in the real oracular […]

Garden Water Features And Patio

When designing a garden it’s always important to pay attention to the views. For example, a colonnade can energize a landscape and feature natural sounds, while a roof garden can offer views of sky, clouds, and other things. A patio […]