Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Decorating Candle Jars With Sea Shells

It’s amazing how you can use decorative shells, figurines and other items for personal decoration. Sea shells can be very useful when it comes to creating a wreath. You can make a seashell wreath and it’s a very simple project. […]

Royal Blue Drapes By Kim Williams Wood

Kim Williams Wood creates unique rugs for the floors, walls or table tops in her clients portfolio. These royal blue rugs are characterized by strong presence and elegance. The use of this vibrant deep blue color will fill your room […]

Terrarium Ideas – Eco-friendly And Fun

If you’re looking for fun and functional ways to display your terrarium then that’s what we have for you. Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes and, depending on the shape you want to display you can find a lot […]

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Fireplaces tend to be a particular area of the house that always tends to attract people. No matter it’s the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, fireplace mantel can become a beautiful attraction points and often a meeting point. […]

Round Tablecloths From Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise, one of France’s most prestigious manufacturers, has presented a range of stylish cloths and rugs. The ‘Round table cloth’ is the perfect choice for a stylish contemporary kitchen or room of the house. Featuring luminous shades of white and […]