Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Clean Cork Flooring And White Detail

If you’re looking for a combination of clean lines and contemporary design, white detail like the detailed base of the Cork Floor and detailing found on the white doors is perfect for your home. The Cork floor is available in […]

Barnwood Ideas For Your Home

Lots of people prefer a very simple and unassuming home. It’s not only because it’s safe and convenient but this style also allows you to create your own little oasis, a place that’s your little oasis. And in case you’re […]

Pink Countertops From EcoTimber

Some people prefer a more modern décor for their home. In this case, this means less and more simple and bright colors. Also, new innovations are more and more attractive than the old ones. Today we’re going to present you […]

Rubberised Floor Covering – MDF Eco Insulation

Because of the nature of rubber, latex and other synthetic fibres, furnishings in the bathroom can sometimes be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. An incredible solution, though, is paint-based carpet insulation, which is what prevents the typical heavy upholstery […]

Flooring Art Wallpaper By Samba

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of designer wallpaper to appreciate the wonders of Samba. Take a look at this fantastic reproduction of Oriental motifs, hand-thrown from ancient silkworms applied to porcelain. It’s vivid, it can be used as […]

Tile Floor Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a floor design idea that will help make your home unique, look chic and romantic, that’s where tile comes in. Tiles are as versatile as they are because they can be designed into every configuration you […]