The staircase is the part of the house that connects all the floors and that is responsible for their overall structure. It is an important architectural element as it always attracts attention and thus this feature can be considered a centerpiece of a home. The staircase can be seen in almost any house, regardless of the design or style. They all have different shapes and designs but one or two are always visible.

Modern staircase.

Stairs Lighting Ideas Photo 2

This is a staircase that also has a beautiful LED light hanging from the middle. It’s a simple and modern design and the light is invisible to the eye. It’s a nice idea for a staircase, especially designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself.

Floating staircase.

If you are clever and careful when choosing the design and structure of your staircase you can create amazing transformations. This particular staircase was created as a floating addition to a stone basement and it has a beautiful design created by Teeji Tompia and Itsumi Yagi.

Contemporary staircase.

This staircase is made of concrete and glass and it has a simple and modern look. The color of the concrete is very beautiful, especially contrasted with the glass. The staircase has a compact shape and it has been loaned a floating effect. It looks suspended and it make the room seem even larger.

Barn staircase.

This is a spiral staircase and it’s very beautiful. It has been designed to respond to the demands of two people at once, but it’s also functional and it offers a modern look. It’s simply made of wood and has no other details.{found on site}.

Skylight stairs.

The staircase is one of the most beautiful ones in the house. It almost seems like this huge staircase materialized into a giant light bulb. It’s perfect for the basement living room and it can also be adapted for the outdoor areas like the garden.{found on mymodernmet}.

Bird house staircase.

Another wonderful idea would be to borrow the idea from nature. open in the garden and close to the entrance, this beautiful bird house gives you an incredible sensation of being in the clouds.