I’m sure that many of you have them at home and it’s not the little green friend that crosses your mind each time you enter the house or maybe the one sponsor for the new Mercedes car. That is the cool thing about the “plant stand” that it provides for the antic Chelaterie Diy collection of furniture. It looks just like a normal stool or a chair, that’s all. However, it’s more than that. It’s a decoration, a stand and it’s a decoration, each in its own way.

Plant Stand is a collection of separate elements that mimics the way plants come to trees and trees to men. It’s like a plant pot at the limit between the human and the animal throne. Its resemblance is very clear even before you take a closer look at the item. The plant stand is made of oil-finished stainless steel and it comes is a set of four identical pots with a square base. Their dimensions are the following: H, W, X, Y and O. The stand comes in two sizes: 8.5’’ and 10’’ and the ratio between the two is 0.5. However, this doesn’t affect the way the pots are going to fit.

The pots can be separated in any way you want. The stand combines elements from home décors. For example, it can double as a small bar. This means you can bring a small wine rack into the kitchen and this way save space and keep the countertops organized. There’s also another clever aspect about this stand. Whenever you fold it, the plants are now there and they can enjoy their own seating.

Plant Stand Diy Photo 3

Plant Stand Diy Photo 4