Finding the right combination of functionality and style is very difficult, especially when you want to find a design that fits your lifestyle and also because of the lack of space. But when this problem is solved, things hardly get better.

This apartment in Poznan, Poland is perfect. Because the apartment is so small and so exposed to the outdoor space, the interior designs were designed with a large emphasis on integrating the terrace and the interior garden into the apartment. A series of terraces and intimate nooks were created and they serve both as spaces for the apartment and as open areas for the inhabitants.

Attic Bedrooms Designed For Sleeping And Lounging Photo 2

The orientation of the apartment was not a choice dictated by the external views. Instead, it was a choice related to the desire to maintain privacy and to create a home that wouldn’t infringe on the openness of the building. The large façade frames the beautiful views and the wooden decks let the inhabitants call home.

The wooden decks are a very beautiful addition to the interior décor. They add a warm and inviting feel to the rooms and they frame the terrace without obstructing the views. They also frame the views and let in the natural sunlight.

As for the interior design of the apartment, it’s a very stylish and elegant way. The color palette is restraint and features mostly neutral shades. They mainly include tones of brown, black, grey and white. There are, however, colorful accents in each room. They mostly include blue or purple accent details and they compose a harmonious composition.