This was a powder room designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

It’s small but well illuminated by a ceiling-mounted bulb, allowing for the room’s simplicity and allowing for a quiet thought.

tiny powder room by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design:

“Our powder room was completely gutted.

The space was a dead space, comparably sized rooms with a limited number of architectural interventions.

The only usable space was a small bathtub, removed from the wall.

A large manufacturerglass bin was placed above the toilet.

He put it on a nearby shelf, and a small plant.

Glass Star started hanging wells over the wall several feet away, to be trimmed in the ceiling.

Work quickly was one of the most important points; if completed, it would have restored the room’s striking industrial feel and spacious feel.

A few compromises were made in the shower, space was tight and it would have been impossible to enjoy the space together.

Once the dark cabinet drawer and wine container were removed, the mirror frame was screwed to the wall to create a small platform to mount the TV.

Two small lights were added to the ceiling; one in each room, and one over the tub, to help the light penetrate the space and create an atmosphere light enough to walk in.

To match the new bathroom mirror, a small light source was added, to illuminate the bathroom and make it a little more like a large chandelier.

The shower was closed with a frosted glass door that, in our opinion, should be clear at all times, and be clean at all times. There is a charm to the vintage appearance of this room and feel of the space that complements the industrial feel.”

Photos by: Jessica Helgerson

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