When you hear the word “green” you immediately associate it with lush plants, flowers, birds, trees and you even imagine the lawns and gardens that feature it. Well, this is true but not all gardens have the same characteristics. The view of a house from the city of Sankt is a first class property and this is what makes it so desirable.

This ideal house was designed by the Dutch architectural firm Aratani Architecture Studio. The building has a rectangular shape and it offers a great view of the surrounding area from the upper level. The building is clearly divided into two parts: on the ground floor there’s the living area and the upper level there’s the garage and the technical area. The ground floor is a continuous space which contains the entrance, the children’s bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room.

The living and dining area and the kitchen are part of the same space. They are separated from the terrain level by a small incline and a wood-clad wall. The incline offers the perfect opportunity to create a covered area for an outdoor shower on a sunny day. The sloping ceiling is a really beautiful architectural detail, a symbol of the unique shape of the building.

Kitchens View Of The City By Aratani Architecture Studio Photo 3

The garage is a small structure with a square floor it’s occupied by a car seat and the staircase. The staircase is an independent and sculptural element designed to be part of the whole composition.

Kitchens View Of The City By Aratani Architecture Studio Photo 4

The kitchen and dining area form a separate zone with a solid wood table as well as a set of stools featuring bamboo designs. The rest of the furniture is made of wood, a contrasting element to the kitchen which is covered with slate and white tiles. The dining area is actually an extension of the kitchen counter, being placed at the other end of the open space.

The two bedrooms feature similar design and structure. They’re both inviting and welcoming and they have large windows and even an outdoor terrace.

The interior of the residence was designed to be simple and luxurious and it’s what we get to see in all of these photos. The color palette and the materials used are elegant and a particularly interesting mix of tones and textures.